The Dunes Safari And Camp Rajputana is situated in the heart of dotted sand dunes just 03 Kms from Himtasar village. It is managed by professionals having more than 20 years of experience of desert adventure tours. The Dunes Safari Camp offers facilities of tented accommodation, camel safaris , jeep safaris , gala dinner on dunes with bonfire and traditional folk dances and music programmes.

The desert around the Camp Rajputana is neat and clean with high sand dunes. The place boasts of some of the highest dunes of this area. The entire area is crowd free and peaceful without any vehicular traffic and machinery noise. The nights are wonderful and pleasant here. The sky and stars are clearly visible because there are no trees obstructing the view. A pin drop silence can be enjoyed here.



The 300 years old village belongs to Tanwar Rajput Clan, situated 20 kms east of Bikaner City surrounded by high sand dunes having peaceful environment. This is the ideal destination for camel safaris, jeep safaris and campings on the complete off beaten tracks of Desert. The main casts residing in this village are Rajputs, Jats, Brahmins, kalbelias & other tribal casts ( cobblers, dholi- traditional musicians ). The village is well connected by road to Bikaner. Bikaner City is well connected by train and buses to Delhi Mumbai Kolkata Ahmedabad Jaipur Jodhpur Jaisalmer & Jammu.